There’s no denying the popularity of Snapchat. It’s disruptive model of volatile, disposable data (i.e. – wondrous messages, video and images that self destruct) are a breath of fresh air for many who worry about having to live with the consequences of something said online and stored forever. This mode of social interaction may very well be the future. Those who considered it a sexting app were right, but it has far more use than just that!

One firm that seems to agree is Facebook. You’ll remember that they attempted to snatch up Snapchat for a cool $3B last year. That never came to be so they’ve been working on the next best thing: they’re own app that does virtually the same thing. Code-named Slingshot, the app has been overseen directly by Zuch himself. Too little too late, or just another reason to download another app in the FB ecosystem? You tell me!

After Deal Falls Through, Facebook Readies Snapchat Competitor Codenamed Slingshot | Droid Life.