In it’s purest form, (stock, GPE, etc.) Android does not really address the enterprise space very well, manufacturers have come up with their own systems for managing devices in a corporate environment. Samsung has put together KNOX. The thing is, if you wanted comprehensive device management before, you had to support and deploy devices that had customization to Android to do so. That all might change now.

Google has scooped up Divide, a “work container” or “persona” app. What this essentially does is place your business correspondence, data, calendar information, etc. into an isolated area on your device that your administrator can apply a policy to. Instead of taking control of your entire device, things apply to the container only. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. There’s plenty of stuff on your device that’s just yours, and you wouldn’t want to surrender control of it to anyone. Using the container approach, if/when things need to be done, they only effect that secure area. Divide does all this and also simulates the homes screen so you’re not going to feel the changes in day-today use. Divide currently supports Android and iOS and is aimed at businesses with BYOD policies.

So, does this mean all Android phones will come pre-loaded with this functionality? Maybe. It could be in there waiting to be activated, or perhaps it will be purchased by companies and installed. Either way its another maturity step for the OS.

Google buys Divide to boost Android in enterprise | Android Central.