Mark this day in your calendar as it’s truly a turning point. You know who Andy Rubin is right? Anywho, last year Google’s Larry Page announced that Andy was stepping away from the Android team (you know, the team he built, the system he built, that was acquired by Google)  to work on making super smart robots. Android took over the smartphone world and holds an overwhelming position in the market to this day, Apple notwithstanding.

Things change – whether it was initiated by the powers that be at Google or by Andy himself is another story. Fast forward to today and he is officially leaving Google. According to a report out of the Wall Street Journal, Rubin is “starting an incubator for startups interested in building technology-hardware products.” The page turns and the world will go on. But what will Andy bring us next?

Andy Rubin, the Founder of Android, Leaves Google | Droid Life.