Companies like Bodymedia, Basis, Jawbone and Fitbit all have skin in the wearable game. What’s more, many have recently upgraded their offerings. It’s a good thing too, because Microsoft has something here.

Long rumored and now officially official, the Microsoft Band will cost $199 and goes on sale at Microsoft Stores and online today. The Microsoft Band itself is more than just a fitness monitor, but not quite a smartwatch. Microsoft wants the Band to be the device you wear opposite your watch. Along with all the usual monitoring and tracking that other fitness accessories do, the Microsoft Band will also take a select few notifications from smartphones and pipe them to your wrist. That includes Twitter messages, text messages and the like, but don’t expect to have your Band tell you about every notification that your phone gets. The device will work with iPhone, Windows, Android, etc. Like it should!

Apart from the usual elements, the Microsoft Band is loaded with a ton of sensors under the hood, including some more novel UV, temperature, stress/sweat and heart rate sensor, in addition to GPS. Looks like they’ve covered all the bases, my usual gripe. I’m interested! Are you?

Microsoft Band Announced: Works With iPhone, Android, Windows [Video] | Redmond Pie.