Liverpool striker Raheem Sterling: English football phenom with a blistering pace yet composure beyond his years. He was a big contributor to Liverpool’s title challenge and his hard work paid dividends.

If you know anything about soccer, you’re familiar with how hard they train. Raheem’s essentials are a reflection of the work ethic – relevant, stylish and simple. A Nike Tech Pack jacket doubles as training gear as well as an everyday use piece. The Beats by Dre headphones in a (Liverpool) red colorway and a MacBook ensure he keeps entertained on away games. Personal touches include a bottle of Bleu de Chanel (my current favorite) gold chain and diamond pendant, firm hair brush, a customized G-Shock watch and a pair of Jordan IV ‘Oreos’ channeling Air Max 90’s. The WANT Les Essentials de la VIE leather-lined backpack is definitely on trend (professed to be a recent pickup).

Essentials: Raheem Sterling | Hypebeast.