Keyboard cases are everywhere, as are standalone Bluetooth keyboard. Logitech seems to think they’ve got something you’d be interested in. If you’re getting deja vu looking at the picture above, you’re not alone.

The keyboard will also feature what Logitech is calling FabricSkin, which is a textured surface that is spillproof, so if you were to knock over your drink on the keyboard, you can rest assured that it is not ruined. Keys-To-Go will feature Bluetooth connectivity making it compatible with all sorts of devices. Its design is way too reminiscent of the Touch Cover for the Microsoft Surface. As someone who’s used a surface I can tell you that detaching the keyboard was only a good selling point for portability, not use, so perhaps Logitech will capitalize on that feature. Given it’s diminutive size, I’m at a loss as so how functional it will be. The keyboard is slightly larger than an iPad mini which means that it is portable, but it also means it will be cramped for many.

I’m going to file this under crapgadget but to each their own. It’s available on the website below for $69.99.

Key-to-go—Portable Keyboard for all iPads—Logitech.