John Wick Is So Violent, So Beautiful to Look At -- Vulture

Bilge Ebiri at Vulture saves the last pearl for the last sentence of the movie review but it’s brilliant! “John Wick is a violent, violent, violent film, but its artful splatter is miles away from the brutality of Taken or the gleeful gore of The Equalizer. It’s a beautiful coffee-table action movie.” Yes, yes it was.

I caught this flick at an early show on the other night and was hopeful that it wouldn’t leave the same impression that 47 Ronen did. Keanu Reeves has been treading on thin ice with me and I didn’t need much of a push to just let him disappear into the cold black water beneath if this one was a fail. As cheesy and categorical as the movie was, it served a purpose, kept me interested and held me at arms length enough to actually enjoy it. The story is pretty cliche – former hit man loses everything, get’s pissed, gets revenge. Oh and does he ever.

The movie covers the bases using an interesting canvas, color palette and soundtrack to keep things going. The choreographed scenes were fun, the writing yawn-worthy. Oddly, the story’s lack of depth is what makes it work. And, while it won’t win any awards, perhaps someone should check in with Guinness about the number of head shots presented in the film. Record worthy, possibly.

John Wick Is So Violent, So Beautiful to Look At — Vulture.