Designer pouches on MR PORTER

Think of it this way – you don’t always want to carry a bag, wear a pack or haul a duffel bag. The problem with folio’s is that they don’t often do the job, even if you want to just run across town for a meeting. But the pouch is an accessory you want to be very careful of if you intend to avoid the “murse” label. There are plenty of ways to avoid owning a man-purse. You just need to be mindful of the details.

The page linked below has 25 examples of designer pouches. From Bottega to Comme des Garcons, some are minimalist while others (like the Balenciaga or Valentino) are nothing more than a purse with a different name. They give themselves away with studs and other embellishments. My take is that there’s nothing wrong with a pouch. If I had to pick the best ones found here, I’d go with the Marc Jacobs (for form, function and budget – $180) or the large Bottega Veneta for overall style ($1,080 though.

What do you think, guys? Can you pull it off?

Designer pouches on MR PORTER.