It seems like people will always find a reason to let anxiety get the better of them. The most powerful tablet out there (not an opinion, see benchmarks) is the Surface Pro 3. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense because it’s an i7 laptop artfully crammed into a tablet form factor. Why people would worry about Windows 10 compatibility on such a machine shocks me, considering I’m running the latest Tech Preview on a Dell Venu Pro 8. Alas that was temporarily the worry.

Recent reports have suggested that the Surface Pro 4 will be Windows 10 ready at its launch in 2015, which has Surface Pro 3 users worrying about an upgrade. However, in a blog post by Microsoft Surface General Manager Brian Hall, he said Surface Pro 3 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft has been increasingly targeting companies to make further inroads in this market, so quickly allaying this fears was a smart move. Brian Hall went on to say that Microsoft is willing to help IT departments upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes time to do so. However, they will also continue to support Windows 8.1 if the company decides to stick with that operating system.

On that note, techies are wondering whether or not that type of upgrade will be a free one. There’s a chance that the Windows 10 upgrade on the Surface Pro 3 will be possible through OTA, Windows Store, and Windows Server Update Services. Given Yosemite has debuted as a free upgrade, and in light of the utter failure that 8-8.1 was, it behooves MS to do so.

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