I know the trend-setters are making a run at more tailored sweat attire by crisping the lines, fitting the styles and even adding elastics to the ankles, but this is just way too much. So my warning stands: No. Please. Don’t.

Although not an official Nike collaboration, the customized SweatSUIT by Clothsurgeon is something that can easily sit at any Nike shelf. More as a personalized project, the brand took four standard grey Nike fleece sweatpants and reconstructed them into a suit jacket and pants set, dubbed the “SweatSUIT.” The single breasted suit jacket is fully lined and features working cuffs, as well as front dual bucket pockets from the fleece pant’s original pockets. The “SweatSUIT” pants feature a single pleat and is of cropped length, while maintaining the original pant’s elastic waistband.

Thankfully, this is not a production run or even close – it’s a one off and I don’t recommend anyone get any ideas.

Clothsurgeon Reconstructs Nike Fleece into a Customized “SweatSUIT” | Hypebeast.