With the BlackBerry Classic due shortly, BlackBerry wants to make sure there will be apps available for the device come its release. This makes perfect sense given the fact that the ecosystem around a device is what makes or breaks it.

The Classic is fitted with a trackpad, menu and back keys, as well as a call and end key. That being said, apps need to be developed differently so BlackBerry will be holding this webcast to help developers create those apps. The session will include learning how to build apps for the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone; integrating 10.3.1 features into apps to provide the best, most productive BlackBerry experience; getting an inside look at specific features in the newly released BlackBerry Native SDK and BlackBerry Webworks SDK. All of this is interactive of course and allows you access to Waterloo’s development team.

Blackberry seemingly forges ahead, even in the context of yet another acquisition rumor. Business as usual seems to be there default mode. The bigger question for me is how many developers are still making these apps (with the exception of the biggest names and partners) given the Android player options available?

BlackBerry to hold a ‘Build for the BlackBerry Classic’ webcast for developers | CrackBerry.com.