“Kids play too many videogames and don’t spend enough time outside,” they say. Well, a group of developers thought it would be fun to merge playground activities with mobile gaming — so they did. They’ve created a system called Hybrid Play that lets kids (or adults!) control games on their phones with see-saws, swing sets and other playground toys.

To transform these outdoor playsets into big controllers, kids will have to clip the Hybrid Play sensor (above) onto their slides and merry-go-rounds. This sensor (which is dust- impact- and water-resistant) is powered by an Arduino microcontoller and equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes, infrared and Bluetooth. It transforms real-life movements into signals sent to your phone, which the app then converts into virtual action.

The Hybrid Play team’s hoping to raise $140,000 via Indiegogo for hardware production, as well as for software and games development. Unfortunately, that means the earliest you can get a unit is in April 2015 (if you pledge at least $99 right now and only if the campaign reaches its goal), but you can already peek at the app and its games on Android.

Hybrid Play clips turn playground toys into videogame controllers.