It doesn’t take me long each and every day to find an article about the latest and greatest health/fitness wearable. With few exceptions, I’ve yet to see anything of real merit, or at least one that captures enough to be worthwhile. I’m not sure I’m down with the ear model, bu the SenoTRACK by Sensogram Technologies covers plenty of bases. Absent measurements for skin temperature and sweat, it’s not exactly complete, but with what it DOES do, it sounds very promising!

Most people don’t have the time to measure and record their heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs before and after each workout. SensoTRACK is a new wearable fitness device that helps you “outperform yourself” by sensing, tracking and managing your activity data. Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygenation, Respiration, along with Calories burned and more.

SensoTRACK measures heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It counts steps, calories burned, senses your speed, activity level, geolocation, altitude, body posture, and pace, while tracking parameters you enter, such as weight, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar and emotional state. SensoTRACK also takes into account your specific activity – walking, running, cycling, and other activities. – and models its measurements for that form of activity to more accurately gauge performance.

The campaign has just started on Kickstarter and for as little as $199 you can get in on the action. If you want early access (or even super-early access) you can add $20-$40 on top of that. Have a look if you’re serious about exercise and fitness or just want to check out some high-end tech. Enjoy!

SensoTRACK: Wearable Health and Activity Monitor by Sensogram Technologies, Inc. — Kickstarter.