Screwdriver, Low Profile, Phillips® Tip, #1

Ever try screwing or unscrewing something in with about an inch or two of clearance or absolutely no line of sight? Ah, then you know what it like to want to rip your own eyes out or pull out your hair. Thankfully, Snap-On has a fix: Low Profile tools.

The Low profile screwdriver provides ability to turn screws in extremely limited access areas where other products cannot reach because instead of the bit sitting on the end of a vertical tool, it’s perpendicular on the edge of a flat tool! The special alloy steel screwdriver bits are also the shortest bits possible (10mm) but still allow for full engagement of the screw. They’ll keep their shape and last as they’re heat treated and have a contoured handle. The Flathead, and Phillps #1 and #2 are all $15 per. Enjoy!

Screwdriver, Low Profile, Phillips® Tip, #1.