Updated: Looks like I was too quick on the draw yesterday. Google Inbox has made an appearance now. Click HERE for more.

Anyone else feeling the irony of the season premiere of Freak Show and Google’s next iteration of Gmail coming to light within days? Yea, it’s a big coincidence I’m sure, but Bigtop is real.

While it’s not clear when Bigtop will be made official, and whether it’ll ever become a new Google product, the publication has already seen development versions of the Bigtop web and Android apps that suggest Google is taking a new approach to email, trying to further “fix” this daily chore. The app will also be available to iOS device users.

The new platform doesn’t have any Google branding, suggesting the product might handle email from other competing services, a feature that has been recently brought to Gmail on Android.Bigtop focuses on simplicity, offering the user different ways of dealing with email. The user can pin a message down, snooze it for later or mark as done (archive it). Messages can also be grouped in clusters, so that users can combine mail related to the same task and deal with all of them at once.

The Android version of Bigtop appears to pack several Google Now-like features, as it’s able to highlight certain types of emails (such as flight information, hotel reservations and others), and bring them automatically to the forefront, as they might require immediate attention. A card-like interface is present within Bigtop, and the information is presented inside the app, atop of other emails. I’ve got to say, I like what I’m hearing. Gmail may be simple and great for personal use, but productive it isn’t always.

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