Ladies, gentlemen: if you thought the street style has only two categories (ratty as hell or blinged out), take a page from Aleali May’s book and observe the combination of retro kicks and designer bag (Givenchy). Of course, since this is a page from a fledgling model, stylist and blogger it should be no surprise really.

With a former life as a sales rep for RSVP Gallery, LA native Aleali has a whirlpool of knowledge within streetwear that’s helped her in gigs as an image consultant, styling the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa as well as her own outfit LLC now. May combines high and street fashion threads as reflected in her selection here. Hermès bracelets and Supreme Switchblade Comb are exhibited alongside an unparalleled list of accessories and general upkeep products like L’Occitane hand cream. Enjoy.

Essentials: Aleali May | Hypebeast.