Ubi -The Voice Of The Internet

You might want to read the details before you pass judgement on this new device. It’s a connected device that relies on your voice to interact with the internet. Yes, your phone and computer can do the same, but…: Ubi learns over time, works at home and remotely, allows for multiple accounts, can control all of your connected devices. Ubi can also be set to collect alerts and info, takes your phone’s place when it’s out of reach, streams music and connects with sensors to keep you informed. It’s tiny, by the way.

The Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated computer that allows for handsfree voice interaction in your home. It runs Android (bonus!) to take your commands and turn them into action. The Ubi uses the latest in voice recognition, speech triggering, natural language understanding, and speech synthesis to provide you with a unique interaction with the world around you.

The Ubi gets smarter over time. It’s able to better understand you – up to 8 ft away – and can be used to send messages to contacts, look up information, play music, control devices, and can be used to get information relayed to you without you needing to go to your phone or computer. It has two mics, WiFi, Bluetooth, lights, sensors, speakers and the right amount of power to get the job done and keep consumption down. Want one? Free up $300 and click on the link below.

Ubi -The Voice Of The Internet.