Microsoft to launch its wearable fitness band in coming weeks | The Verge

Well look at this! Microsoft is planning to launch its own wearable fitness band. Forbes reports that the announcement is due “within the next few weeks,” and additional sources can confirm this is accurate. Microsoft’s plans speak to a launch of Microsoft’s wearable fitness band as imminent, and the device will be stocked at retailers in time for the holiday season. Microsoft’s wearable launch will mark 10 years since the company announced its SPOT smartwatch in 2004 that used FM radio signals to send instant messages from Windows Messenger, news headlines, stock information, and weather forecasts to your wrist.

Although Microsoft’s fitness band will have some smartwatch features, it will be primarily focused on fitness activities. The the fitness band will track steps, heart rate, calories burned, and other key health attributes thanks to a number of sensors embedded in the device. Microsoft has also been testing the ability to monitor heart rate through the day and night, and is expected to ship a final device that has around two days of battery life.

The key part of Microsoft’s fitness band will be its support for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Microsoft is developing separate apps for each mobile operating system to help support the features of its fitness band sensors, and smartphone notifications to the band will also be supported. This is the part that interests me as cross-platform is the only way to dominate at this point. MS might be onto something here…

Microsoft to launch its wearable fitness band in coming weeks | The Verge.