This is the Fitbit Surge, a 0 'superwatch' with built-in GPS | The Verge

I feel like I’ve heard this song before. All these features and yet they can’t somehow tie them all together. With everyone taking so many different approaches, no one seems bothered by the fact that fitness wearables will never truly have a king unless they resign themselves to the attempt at doing everything. You might think this is crazy-talk as doing a few things well is conventional thought, but the holistic nature of fitness data requires manufacturers to attempt to capture as much of it as possible and feed it to the user. Don’t just focus on activity, pack in the sensors. Don’t leave out waterproofing and don’t forget about real battery life. Do make use of skin sensors and heart-rate monitors (not one or the other. If you’re not capturing everything, I feel you risk missing the big picture.

Apparently Fitbit thinks their newest – “Surge” –  is several steps beyond your average “wearable.” The company refers to it as a “superwatch” according to marketing materials. Set to be priced at $249, the Surge includes built-in GPS tracking — a big draw for runners — PurePulse heart rate monitoring, and promises to provide real time workout data for a variety of activities. You’ll get stats on distance, pace, elevation climbed, heart rate intensity, and so on.

The device will feature GPS, heart rate, multi-sport mode, smart notification, all day materials, sleep tracking, wireless syncing and social components.

This is the Fitbit Surge, a $250 ‘superwatch’ with built-in GPS | The Verge.