Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review | Android Central

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s here now and even in people’s hands ahead of the official launch day (Oct. 17th). For a company with sagging profits, Samsung certainly doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of here. Quite the contrary if the reviews are to be believed. The phone literally has everything you could think of with the one caveat: it’s a BIG phone. But you knew that already

If you need to satisfy all of the high notes in one swoop (mega display, latest, fastest processor, tons of RAM, plenty of storage, great camera, premium build and productivity software) then you’ve got a win. The Note 4 is using a metal frame, giant 5.7″ quad-HD display, and has plenty of screen and stylus productivity apps on-board. It’s a good-looking, well-built phone that can handle anything. With the exception of it’s size and the limitations of the battery (one day of use only people) there are no downsides. As the article details out, Samsung has gotten into a rhythm of introducing S and then Note lines and feeding them off one another for features and build. If all of this great stuff winds up in the S6, with even more upgrades, you’ve got the perfect phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review | Android Central.