4G is all the rage right? Well, it won’t be long before that’s so “yesterday.” While the networks continue to blanket us with 4G and upgraded 4G, some parties are looking at what 5G could bring to consumers. Samsung has been testing out its own infrastructure for the next generation of wireless and the company has been able to achieve jaw-dropping data transfer speeds using high frequency signal.

Samsung has reported speeds of up to 7.5Gbps (940MB per second) stationary and approximately 1.2Gbps (150MB per second) while travelling around a race track at 100km/h (testing the environment that sees consumers on moving vehicles, really!). Being able to download almost a full gigabyte of data per second on a mobile connection really is something special that even the most casual user will appreciate. Want to stream an entire move instantly? Who doesn’t!

Samsung achieves download speeds of 7.5 Gbps in super-fast 5G test | Android Central.