Leave it to Apple to take 2 year old technology and methodology (ie – NFC and mobile payments) and hurl it into the mainstream. Get ready for the era of paying for things with your iPhone at the POS.

With Walgreen’s slating October 18th as day-1 for the Apple Pay program, the preparations are already underway. Apple is said to have already begun training its retail store employees on using the Apple Pay system. Though a firm launch date has not been announced yet, a new report says that Apple has begun training its own staff and the company is also working with retail partners ahead of a launch.

At least in Apple Stores, retail employees will have access to special software called “Apple Pay Demo” that can troubleshoot an iPhone to determine if Apple Pay is not working due to an iPhone hardware issue. If it is not a hardware issue, retail employees will refer customers to their bank and/or credit card provider.

Convenience bonus: Another cool tidbit is that if a credit card expires, Passbook will automatically update the card with the new expiration date from the credit card company. Users will not need to delete and re-add the card; they will simply receive a push notification alerting them that the changed occurred. If you’ve got an new iPhone, will you be tapping away with your phone at the register?

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