This smart ring lets you control your devices with gestures | Digital Trends

There has been quite a bit of noise about wearables. Maybe you’ve notice all these gadgets appearing on people’s wrists and eyes. Maybe we need more, not less. Perhaps our fingers are the next frontier. Or maybe not.. Let me be clear: I think not.

A Japanese company has created a smart ring that empowers wearers to rule them all – their smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and a variety of digital-enabled interactions, to be more precise.

The Ring is the creation of Logbar Inc., a tech company with headquarters in Tokyo and an office in Sunnyvale, California. The description of how the device works is straightforward enough: Put the Ring on your index finger, tap the small button on the device and start gesturing your finger in the air to do things like take a photo, control your phone’s music player, write a tweet, turn on your TV and check the weather, among many other things. It connects to your smartphone, Google Glass or smartwatch via Bluetooth.

The Ring’s lithium-polymer battery can last 1-3 days with continuous use and 18 days on continuous standby. It takes three hours to fully charge, according to Logbar. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $880,998 (the goal was $250,000) from 5,161 backers, Logbar began shipping The Ring on Oct. 9, three months after the initial July 2014 shipping date promised on Kickstarter. The Ring will set you back $269.99, should you want to drop some cash on something you’ll lose the first time you go to wash your hands..

This smart ring lets you control your devices with gestures | Digital Trends.