Remember when blue tooth headsets hit their stride? Anyone and everyone started looking like the a member of star fleet. These contraptions still have their place though: while driving or working and whatnot. So what has Motorola come up with here? A smaller, sexier package that adds style and a little more functionality to the mix. With the general public latch on? They just might if they have $150 lying around and some rationalization skills.

So headsets are typically just a little too big to get away with. The Hint tries to fix this by looking good and being tiny. It fits in your ear pretty well (there are three different sized rubber “nubbins” included to help get the right fit) and while you feel a little pressure at the bottom of your ear canal, it’s not really uncomfortable. The Hint has a neat way to mitigate the tiny battery — the carrying case is also the charger. Motorola says to expect 10 hours of talk time per charge from the Hint, but that really means 10 hours from the external battery case. When you fully charge the Hint and place it in your ear, expect about two and a half to three hours from it. In short, many will appreciate what Moto has done here. Smaller, better, and a new way of managing your battery are things early adopters like us are into. If you’re reading this and use a Moto X, this is the Bluetooth earbud you want. If you have another phone, this is one you want to take a look at and think about, simply because of the design choices. As far as features you’ve got two-way voice (dictation/commands and read back) which is good as well as all the standard headset features.

Bottom line: it’s pretty cool, pretty expensive and you’ll look like you’re stylishly hearing impaired as opposed to a lifetime member of Comic Con.

Moto Hint review | Android Central.