Ahead of next Thursday’s Apple event, new images purportedly showing parts for the new, full-sized iPad have emerged. Photos re-published by blog apple.club.tw show a full logic board for the new iPad Air as well as parts for the new Home button, glass screen cover, and audio control components. At first glance, the new iPad Air logic board does not reveal too much new, but adjusting the colors of the image shows a fairly unexpected addition: an A8X system-on-a-chip.

There have been analyst reports and indications from the iOS 8.1 beta software development kit that Apple could be moving to higher-resolution Retina HD displays on the iPad Air this year. This could mean that the screen on the iPad Air is 30-40% sharper than the current 2048 x 1536 iPad Air panel. With all of those additional pixels across 9.7-inches of screen space, the iPad would likely require a stronger graphics processor to keep the device smooth during operation.

Another possibility is that the A8X chip works hand-in-hand with the rumored addition of 2GB of RAM. With additional RAM, Apple may be finally able to unleash the split-screen iPad multitasking mode it has been working on for a version of iOS 8. I’ve always had a complaint that iPads seemed under-powered and not geared toward production. Maybe that will change, We’ll find out very soon either way.

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