Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum - Home.Woot

Dyson makes good vacuums. Dyson makes expensive vacuums. Such a quandary, or is it? Several times a year these puppies (no pun intended, but they often sell a pet version of these) either go on a brief sale or reconditioned models like this pop up. Instead of paying $350, $299 or $229, how about $189? That’d make it digestible, no?

Dyson’s patented cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone and there’s now plenty on the market. The ball technology makes it extremely easy to use and you’ve got a trigger head tool to go along with a bunch of other feature. Finally, no bags, just a canister to empty. Enjoy!

Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum – Home.Woot.