If you’ve got an Android Phone or most any modern smartphone, you might not appreciate the simple things like flipping your phone over to mute it or lifting it up to wake the screen. Pretty standard stuff, no? If you rock a Blackberry, this is certainly not the case. With the new Passport, Waterloo took the wraps off of Os 10.3, and with it comes some interaction features that bring devices into present day:

Dubbing them Advanced Interactions is doing Blackberry any favors, but they work nonetheless. Lift to wake – If you turn on this feature and pick up your device from a flat surface, your BlackBerry device wakes up automatically. You don’t have to press the Power/Lock key or swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can start using your device immediately. Flip to mute – If you turn on this feature and receive a call, but it isn’t a convenient time for you to respond, you can turn your device face down to silence the ring tone or vibration. You still receive a notification of the missed call. Flip to save power – Finally, we have ‘Flip to save power’. By default, this feature is on. When you place your device facedown on a flat surface, your device goes into standby mode to extend battery life. You still receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, and alarms.

So yea, it may not sound like much but it didn’t exist until last week on this platform. Good job catching up.

How to use Advanced Interactions with BlackBerry 10.3 | CrackBerry.com.