In 2014 Sony has quietly released some of the most compelling high-end smartphones on the market. It’s not without major competition overshadowing it (Samsung, HTC, Apple to name a few) as well as very clear absence on Verizon’s network. In short order, Sony has iterated on it’s Z series from Z2 to the imminent Z3. Metallic, slim, and armed with some great tech in both the full size and smaller version, Sony’s got something, two somethings.

All the right notes are being hit. Front facing speakers, high resolutions displays, and 20 megapixel cameras on both as well as a compliment of MicroUSB, MicroSD and nanoSIM. The larger sports 3GB of RAM as opposed to the smaller one with 2GB. They’re both water poof and dust tight.

As far as the experience, reviews have been good as far as the UI, hand-feel, and build. Oddly enough the review managed to crack the screen with a short drop, but it’s worth a mention. Boy, if I wasn’t married to Verizon, I’d be all over this little piece.

Sony Xperia Z3 + Z3 Compact review | Android Central.