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If your first reaction to this post is, “what about Coin?” I’d be the first to respond, “What about it?” Coin has been delayed. There were issues, safety concerns, battery concerns, etc. leading many first adopters to cancel pre-orders.

What if your card replacement and payments solution alternative had a display? What if it could show QR or bar codes from your loyalty cards? How about your ID? If the battery lasted 30 days but could be easily charged via wireless and had enough flash memory to store 20 cards, would that do the trick? Sure it would. Throw in the fact that its the same size as any credit card, waterproof and flexible. BAM.

With a magnetic stripe and bar code display, your Plastc Card will work in all the places you already frequent. Plus, with NFC and Chip and PIN capabilities a software update away, you’ll soon be ready for the future of payments. Plastc protects your information. The magnetic stripe and NFC chip are disabled until you select your card, preventing any fraudulent activity. Your Plastc Card also comes with a secure card PIN, photo ID, proximity alerts, and ‘Return Me’ mode. Will work with either Android or iOS. It’s due next Spring.

The pre-order process has started for a hefty $155. Do with that what you will but you’re getting a much more robust solution than anything else I’ve seen and from some pretty reputable players in the industry. Not bad at all.

Card Page The Intelligent Way to Pay | Card | Plastc | Plastc.