I’m a sucker for Linkin Park, what can I say. Truth be told only half of this essentials compilation, whether it’s from Mr. Hahn himself or not, appeals to me. That would be the left half, if you had to ask.

Joe Hahn’s storied career as Linkin Park‘s DJ and programmer requires no real background. However, at a recent concert I found out about his soon-to-be-released film MALL which will be his feature-length directorial debut.

Joe’s Essentials reflect his creative identities. Among his daily essentials is his Porter Orange wallet, Patek Philippe Worldtimer watch, a Sharpie for autographs and tagging (probably more the latter), and EO hand sanitizer (the dude’s got fans). A multipurpose butterfly knife, folio bag Kill Spencer round out he fashion side. Oh yea, there’s a bunch of DJ and film equipment too.

Essentials: Joe Hahn of Linkin Park | Hypebeast.