On October 16th we’re going to hear a lot about the new iPads. And that’s great because the new Air will actually be thinner, have a better display and some other minor tweaks. But the interesting stuff is further out. The mega table Apple is working on, aka the Pro is something different. Well, maybe.

According to a recent report, the larger iPad Pro will run Apple’s iOS and also OS X! The news comes in a recent report from DigiTimes, who have apparently received some information on a number of 12.9 inch iPad devices which are in development.

Apple’s rumored 12-inch tablet, which is said to be scheduled for release in 2015, may become the vendor’s first device to feature an operating system that integrates Mac OS and iOS, according to rumors in the upstream supply chain. However, the rumor was not confirmed by Apple. Sources in the supply chain say that Apple has two 12.9-inch tablet prototypes in development: one is a 2-in-1 device and the other is a regular tablet. However, whether Apple will release both devices to the market or just one, still remains unclear. The device is rumored to be expected to enter mass production in early 2015.

12.9 Inch iPad May Run iOS And OS X (Rumor).