Power Tower w/ Dip Stand and Pull Up Bar - Woot

I’ve gone through so many different workout routines over the past ten years. Cardio, lifting, MMA, etc. The truth is, there’s nothing better than a simple regimen of push ups, pull ups and dips. All things being equal you can easily accomplish 2/3 of these without any fitness equipment. A chair is all you need to do varying degrees of dips and push ups. Pull ups is a littler trickier. You could opt for the cheap in-doorway ones, but if you have a little space and want to spend a little (it’s a deal, not free) bit of cash, this XMark 4451 will do just fine. You can also do vertical knee raises and all kinds of variations with this one too. At $139 (45% off), it’s a good deal and perfect timing to stay in shape through the colder months.

The XMark Power Tower with Dip Stand and Split Grip Pull-up Bar provides 4 dedicated stations in a single, compact machine for an intense ab blasting, upper body-sculpting workout. Perform push-ups, dips, pull-ups and more while targeting your abs, chest, front and side delts, triceps, traps and more. Features a sleek black frame, 2.5” Hi-density cushions and a split grip pull-up bar for narrow parallel, narrow and wide grip pull-ups. Enjoy!

Power Tower w/ Dip Stand and Pull Up Bar – Woot.