What Sweetie and I agreed was a terrible start and often frustrating Season 2 ended on a high note on Sunday night. I’ll dispense with any spoilers and allow you to read Lauren Hoffman’s recap on Vulture linked below. What she articulates throughout it is that the show is most certainly carried by Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen. They can act, and had ample time throughout the finale (and the season) to illustrate that.

I’ve got to say that the finale (and season) had some interesting irony, increased political and social notes. Admissions and discoveries abound, there was plenty of skin, boundary testing (and crossing) and the tension you’d expect from a show like this. Whether it was the time that went by during the season or some of the peripheral plot additions (and subtractions), it certainly didn’t have the rhythm of season 1, but I’ll be back for the 3rd, Sweetie in tow.

Masters of Sex Season 2 Finale Recap — Vulture.