Stalwart 74-Piece Combo Cordless Drill & Driver

I guess you could tell my weekend had a little home improvement baked in seeing as how my deal post of the week comes on a Monday and is for power tools. But seriously, a drill and driver combo kit with 75 pieces for 50% off? Yes Please!

Originally $99, this set includes a 19+1 strep torque setting drill, 12-volt rechargeable battery, charging unit, 2″ driver bits, 1″ driver bits, double-sided driver bits, spur point and twist drill bits for $49.95. Comes with it’s own carrying case and ships for $5, courtesy of Woot. No, it’s not high-end, but you’re not a contractor, are you?

Stalwart 74-Piece Combo Cordless Drill & Driver.