How many times have I mentioned the Blackberry Passport over the past few months? Whether it was leaked images, semi-official sightings, FCC filings or the comments flying in all directions, the device officially launches today after a long incubation period. Crackberry was good enough to provide us with an in-depth review.

The bottom line – there’s a lot going on in this device. Upgrades at every end, and a strong emphasis on productivity (it’s a Blackberry, for crying out loud) really make for interesting proposition. What strikes me the most is that you really do need to get some 1:1 time with it to make an educated statement. It’s about usage and utility, even if the specs are commendable.

The Passport is a very odd sight indeed. Wide as hell and “missing” a row of keys, it’s going to get reactions from onlookers and its users. But build quality is very good as are its specs: A full 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 801 quad-2.2 processor, 3,450 mAh batter (!), and a high resolution (if not square) IPS display. FD-LTE, and the latest version of BB OS are onboard as well. Finally, Blackberry loyalists finally get a decent camera and some software to support it. Call quality is top notch, as is service.

Finally, if the question of relevance comes up yet again, remember that the Amazon App Store is pre-loaded and using Android runtime enables you to take advantage of apps from there or side-loaded. The runtime has seen improvement as well.

What do you think? If you’re an Android person with fond Blackberry memories and attachment to your apps, would this be something to think about? Is the keyboard what your yearning for? Or is it something more?

BlackBerry Passport Review | CrackBerry.com.