Angels: Russell James: 9783832798758: Amazon.com: Books

Ok, you got me, there’s little to no reading to be had. Call it art, call it eye-candy or erotic photography (as Amazon classifies it), but Russell James has curated a whole lot of Victoria’s Secret over 15 years and crammed it all into in this coffee table book. As such, it’s going to set you back $140.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have become an iconic representation of female beauty and sensuality that is unparalleled in popular culture. Russell James has spent 15 years being the primary photographer for the lovely and fascinating women who have been featured by Victoria’s Secret over the years.

The book will hit the shelves in November and can be pre-ordered on Amazon for 11/12 delivery now. Enjoy!

Angels: Russell James: 9783832798758: Amazon.com: Books.