BlackBerry Passport will cost 9 without subsidies | CrackBerry.com

We all know that the off-contract (aka subsidized) prices of phone are much higher. We’re used to watching a $99 or $199 price tags become $499 and up. Heck, iPhones can be over $1,000! But Blackberry’s new flagship, regardless of it’s high-end (for them anyway) specs is sure to give many sticker shock. That being said, it means that the subsidized price will probably be lower than most phones – and that would be a good thing for Blackberry.

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport will cost $599 without a contract in the US, according to what BlackBerry CEO John Chen told The Wall Street Journal in a interview published today.This means that the price of the Passport should be a bit cheaper than comparable smartphones. That’s a deliberate decision, according to Chen. He stated, “…. I figure that to try to get the market interested, we’re going to start a little lower than that.”

BlackBerry is scheduled to hold press conferences on Wednesday in Toronto, London and Dubai to introduce the Passport. Chen said today the phone will be available “immediately” on that date in some stores and in one to two weeks, he said, “a lot of places will have it”

So if the new device was $99 or even $49 on contract, would you consider one? The latest design is polarizing to say the least, but very functional and innovative as well. Will the lack of apps deter you?

BlackBerry Passport will cost $599 without subsidies | CrackBerry.com.