Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter - - Amazon.com

What’s not to like about this little number? For $35, replace at least four grip-based tools with a single Crescent Switchblade Cutter. The tool uses a compound action design to deliver maximum leverage with minimum effort, and includes four separate blades: a straight cutting blade for ducting and siding, a cable cutting blade for wires and such, a standard plier head with its own wire cutter, and a multi-purpose blade that can cut rope, shingles, vinyl, and plastics, cut and bend wire.

Heck, when you’re done you can also use it to crack open a cold one. Just throw it in the included holster and off you go.

Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter – – Amazon.com.