Neek Lurk came up in the formative days of the Internet during the early 2000′s where forums and message boards were the scene. Lurk has navigated the mass adoption of social media platforms and leveraged their power to forge his own career, most recently as social media manager for Stussy.

Operating out of Melrose, Los Angeles, Lurk places importance on his Macbook Pro and iPhone as being his gateways to the Internet and, of course, to “Lurking.” For a quick start to the day, Neek drinks coffee (um, who doesn’t?), a lighter to light things (sarcasm) and to unwind at night, Jameson whiskey (again, rather ubiquitous no?). Practical essentials include Oakley sunglasses for protection, a tactical knife for because, Advil for headaches, and Tiger Balm for neck pains from long days spent staring at the computer screen (I can relate). Neek appreciates a Hanes white tee and black Acne jeans that look like they’ve seen some friction. He’s paired them with white Converse 1970s Hi-Tops (which I’m NOT a fan of, but to each his own). Rounding out his selection is the AMOK ‘Fifth Dispatch’ reference book, which informs Neek on “life and death and everything in between.” Enjoy!

Essentials: Neek Lurk | Hypebeast.