Oh Brad Reed at BGR, you make me laugh. But it’s funny because its so true! Last week Apple decided to bestow a free U2 Album onto the world (or many users anyway) and has been suffering from some serious backlash over it!

Quoting a WIRED editorial, “To anoint an otherwise inconsequential cultural artifact as worthy of bandwidth, storage space, and mental overhead on behalf of every single iTunes user is tantamount to Apple picking the music for the devices it sells,” thunders author Vijith Assar. “Is the company completely oblivious to the idea that users of its technology products come in shapes other than those who would be interested in a pop-rock band popular among older white males?” I’m inclined to take the same stance as Brad. I’m not quite sure why people are up on arms, but many have argued that on that day all they heard on streaming radio was that Album as well. It certainly benefits U2 and Apple, but how does it hurt the poor first world masses?

Brad goes on to compare the affected as being akin to those mourning at the fact that they have yet to find a bottle of Coke with their name on it. A shame indeed. What the heck is mental overhead, really!?

Apple free U2 album: Please stop whining about it | BGR.