Here’s What Windows 9 Notification Center Looks Like In Action [Video] | Redmond Pie

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve mentioned a couple of integral features that Microsoft is finally baking into Windows Threshold, aka Windows 9. When I say integral I mean essential to staying relevant. But up until now we’ve only heard of the features. I can happily add some sneak peaks now for both of these features! Given how close we are to the tech preview, I’m going to assume these features are truly baked into Windows, if not ready prime time completely.

Let’s start with Notification Center. As the video shows, a new icon will be part of the Windows 9 taskbar that, once clicked, will invoke a notification center that lists all of the notifications that applications have pushed out as well as a variety of system level alerts that users may be interested in. Alerts are grouped by the application that triggered them, as shown by the Skype message notifications in WinFuture’s video. Each notification contains a short summary of what it contains, and all notifications can be cleared at once should a user wish to start afresh. Individual notifications can be removed by clicking a little ‘X’ icon by their side.

About those virtual windows that Mac users have taken for granted for ages.  Essentially, the Windows 9 task bar contains an icon that allows creating of virtual workspaces, or desktops if you’re a hardcore Windows user. You may create (and delete) as many virtual desktops as you like, and the same icon will be used to access all of them as well as the programs that are contained within. What’s interesting to note here is that the look and feel of these virtual workspaces are pretty similar to OS X’s implementation of the feature, and hence, for that reason, they seem to be working pretty decently.

So to the readers at home who use Mac or have been treading water on Windows 7 for ages now (or have downgraded after disappointing experiences with 8-8.1), does knowing that these features are present in addition to the return of the start menu make you want to upgrade?

Here’s What Windows 9 Notification Center Looks Like In Action [Video] | Redmond Pie.