Without any official details out there, there is one interesting detail that has risen ahead of availability. According to The Verge, Motorola will look to offer the unbranded, unlocked version of the Moto X as the “Moto X Pure Edition.” We imagine they went with this name because of the fact that it’d likely be the first in line for OTA updates and should receive support well ahead of any carrier branded versions. YES PLEASE.

Will this version of the phone will be treated as a developer edition (that is, come with an unlockable bootloader)? I certainly hope so! Phandroid’s Derek Ross made an interesting observation that the Pure edition could become the developer edition as Motorola might be signaling that unlockable bootloaders and faster updates appeal to more than just actual developers. For instance, ME!

Rumor: Unbranded, unlocked Moto X to be Moto X Pure Edition.