If you give the visual above a quick skim you’d probably think it really wasn’t my speed. And you’d be right, but if someone’s going to feature colorful camo, funky socks, and LV bags in the mix, I’m going to take notice. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with sweatpants and black high-tops, but an Hermes belt, bottle of Hennessy and double Apple products aren’t really for me. I’ll grab that vaporizer though.

This week, HypeBeast features Stevie Williams. A respected figure in the action sports realm, he’s gone from professional skateboarding into much larger aspirations and accomplishments. Stevie is the true definition of an entrepreneur, having used his position as a successful skateboarder to link up with brand heavyweights from all over such as G-Shock, El Senor and SUPRA, before launching his own clothing label Asphalt Yacht Club last year.

The essence of Stevie’s style embodies brand loyalty. It is only right that Stevie laces up in his black on black signature SUPRA Esteban’s which came out this summer. From his shoulders down to his socks, Stevie suits up in his own clothing line Asphalt Yacht Club. Necessities include an iPhone and iPad, a bottle of Fiji water and Bottle No. 9 cologne. Stevie rounds out his Essentials with a few of his favorite items (I’m good with that) such as a Louis Vuitton backpack and a small travel bag. Enjoy!

Essentials: Stevie Williams | Hypebeast.