Have a look at this beauty. “Around the globe in 24 clicks,” (with 24 hours of reserve to boot) says the manufacturer. German watch manufacturer NOMOS (who I’ve covered previously) has announced the release of the new True Blue Zurich. Playing on the uncomplicated watch complications theme (reference #807), this is an iteration on its GMT timepiece that debuted 2 years back. The case is polished stainless steel, tripartite, and has straight lugs.

Constructed at an exact 10.85 mm thick and 39.9mm wide, the updated dial is galvanized with rhodium-plated hour and minute hands, in addition to a blue hue aimed at cross-referencing a variety of world locales: Rio, Hong Kong, Karachi or in the Azores in a push of a button. Expect it to command at least $6100 when it becomes available. Enjoy!

Zürich Weltzeit nachtblau.