You loved the movie, admit it! A young Alex Baldwin, a younger Sean Connory. The Hunt For Red October was a post cold-war, action, adventure chock full of Crazy Ivans! One thing the movie got right was just how secretive the Soviet Union was about it’s submarines. They were highly effective and sophisticated, as were the people who sat at their helms.

The Russian Defense Ministry released for the first time photos of a cargo ship carrying two of its Akula II-class nuclear-powered submarines. The two Russian submarines, the Bratsk and the Samara are transported from Kamchatka to Severodvinsk at the Zvezdochka shipyard, where both will receive modernization upgrades.

So what’s the deal? Now they’re suddenly out in the open? It’s surprising that the Kremlin is not only publishing photos of two of its more recent subs (1989 and 1995) but also revealing that they are in line for full modernization overhauls. It could simply be chest pounding by the Kremlin, or an indication of quiet efforts to strengthen its navy by a renewed and emboldened Russia. How do you feel about such a public display?

First Russian Photos of its Submarines | wordlessTech.