Let’s face it folks, giant flat panel TV’s (regardless of how good the picture quality) don’t always have the best speakers. It’s a giant monitor for Pete’s sake! If you’d like to spend $229 on a 2.1 system for your TV, by all means, but I’ll opt for an $89 factory certified one instead thank you very much.

VIZIO’s 40″ 2.1-Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer. Its sophisticated design and slim profile make an attractive addition to any 42″ and larger TVs. It features stereo full-range drivers, Dolby Digital technology, and a wireless subwoofer that adds rich, powerful bass from anywhere in the room. I think I’ll hide it under the bed!

SRS TruVolume ensures a TV viewing experience with fewer volume fluctuations, and SRS TruSurround HD adds immersive surround sound without the need for cumbersome rear speakers. Setup has never been easier – just connect the included audio cable to your TV and indulge in powerful, immersive audio. Enjoy!

VIZIO 40″ 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub.