It seems like a strong move to hit the market hard in early September ahead of a certain fruit-named tech company’s latest smartphone iteration. If you thought Samsung was the only one carrying that sentiment, have a look at what Sony did at IFA all in one day:

Sony’s third iteration of their Smartwatch is now a contender in the Android Wear space. It looks like a solid offering if not kinda boring. More interesting is the new SmartBand Talk which uses e-ink and allows you to make and receive phone calls.

On the camera front, Sony’s at it again with their lens-style attachment camera including the QX1 and QX30. The QX1 allows you to put lenses for mirror cameras on your phone and the QX30 has an impressive–wait for it–30x zoom.

But you were likely interested in tablets and phones, no? Well the Z3 is coming – including official (and exclusive to T-Mobile) US carrier support. The more budget friendly E3 is also on it’s way as is the Z3 Tablet Compact. Solid, waterproof, high-end phones with great displays, cameras and hardware. Yes please!

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