Peacemaker Anytime Ale | Austin Beerworks

Seven feet of beer? Ninety-nine (99) cans for $99? Are these a bunch of words put together or do they make sense? If you’re thirsty and have got a bunch of friends, this might be your answer.

Austin Beerworks Peacemaker Anytime Ale is light, balanced and refreshing – making it perfect as an all-purpose craft beer. To get things going, they went for broke and launched limited edition 99-backs. This isn’t a marketing thing folks – these things are the real deal.

Things you’ll notice. Hold it up to the light. See how it shines right through? Notice the clarity and the bright, unassuming color. A sniff should yield a slight biscuit/cracker character. That comes from the malt. Another sniff finds the faint aroma of floral and citrus. That’s the Centennial hops. Sipping will reveal the balance between the first taste and the bright finish. It’s apparently flavorful for such a light beer.

Peacemaker Anytime Ale | Austin Beerworks.