To say Blackberry’s next offering (event scheduled for 9/29/14) will be polarizing is an understatement. It’s not as if the keyboard is gone. Heck, it’s even more functional now with gesture sensors. And it’s not that the screen is way different than before,. Heck it’s even bigger. But the bottom line is that this thing is just funky looking. Have a look at the gallery linked below for more insight on that.

Big and Square are word that come to mind. I have trouble with my current phone from a width perspective and this thing looks downright wide. Mind you, it’s thin and all, but the ergonomic are going to be perplexing. Something tells me it will be pure joy to type on, but as soon as your finger creeps up to touch the screen all hell with break loose.

More importantly, after reviewing the album what do you think?

Still not sold on the BlackBerry Passport? Maybe these photos will help! | CrackBerry.com.