Automattic Acquires BruteProtect — Jetpack for WordPress

In recent news, Automattic has acquired BruteProtect, a plugin and service that protects your sites from malicious logins (a rampant issue these days), saves server resources (when you’re bombarded) so your site runs faster, and keeps all your sites on the latest and greatest versions of WordPress core, plugins, and themes (similar to Jetpack)

The plugin and service are currently available, but over the coming months they’ll be embedded into Jetpack completely.

BruteProtect has had a premium service that starts at $5 a month per site, but effective immediately, that’ll be free. Surprise! If you’re already a BruteProtect subscriber we’ll be in touch soon to send you a thank you email.

The BruteProtect team is based in Portland, Maine and they’re long-time contributors to the WordPress community. We’re excited to see them join forces with the Jetpack team and up the level of security, protection, and peace of mind the organization will be able to bring to the millions of sites already using Jetpack.

Though Automattic is known for its consumer-facing services like WordPress.com and Jetpack, the infrastructure behind them is the bottom part of the iceberg. Taking services to web-scale is another one of Automattic’s specialties, whether it’s the 8 billion Gravatars we serve every day, the Simperium sync service, or the countless spam that Akismet has blocked (and time it has saved).

Automattic Acquires BruteProtect — Jetpack for WordPress.